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South Hero, Grand Isle, North Hero, Colchester, Georgia Shore

Hero Divers' specialty is boat moorings. We manage several large commercial mooring fields & many private residential moorings. Hero Divers performs underwater inspections, maintenance, boat salvage, search & recovery, & other diving jobs. HD video of whatever we find. We weld steel & aluminum & can do fabrication or repairs.

Worst Shackle Award

Moorings: We can inspect, relocate & install moorings — chain moorings & Hazelett elastic moorings. Hero Divers is a top installer of Hazelett elastic mooring systems in Vermont. We have 25 years of experience managing all types of moorings on Lake Champlain.

We also sell rope, chain, shackles, swivels, concrete mooring blocks & other mooring hardware for less than other places — check our prices. We can usually match online prices without the shipping.

Salvage: Hero Divers has 20,000# of lift bag capacity. We are frequently called to assist boats that have run aground on the various local reefs. We have access to a 56' landing craft via GMMS.

Click play below for a video. See our latest projects on Facebook.

Hit play, then click the "gear" icon & pick 720p (HD quality)

Don't put your boat on a bad mooring this season. We've seen chain links worn to paperclip thickness. Shackle pins halfway out. Boats loose & on rocks with the mooring ball still attached. Don't leave it to chance — have your mooring inspected.

FALL 2018 MOORING INSPECTION DEAL: $115* including HD video. Save your boat! Discounts for multiple moorings. Sign up here.

* May be a bit more depending on your distance from South Hero, ask for details. Schedule now for warm water rates.

4x4x1' CONCRETE BLOCK SPECIAL: 4 available Very good condition. Available to Inland Sea / Keelers Bay area customers. Contact us for details.

We also sell new concrete mooring blocks in various sizes, from 300 to 6,000 lbs (out-of-water weight).
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If phone is easier, feel free to call us at (802) 827-0930.

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