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Chain Mooring Systems

We use all USA marine-grade chain & hardware, & we build chain rodes based on well-tested marine standards. Typically during chain mooring inspections we find they've been put together wrong or with improper chain/shackle size or rode length.

Mooring chain, shackles & swivels
Some of the USA-made chain & mooring hardware we use. At the far right is a Chinese ⅜" shackle after 2 short years. View larger photo.

Signs you have a bad chain mooring:

Hero Divers does chain moorings a little better than most other companies. We never use just ⅜" chain & don't mix dissimilar metals. We use larger tackle than the chain, so the working load limit (WLL) matches the chain & the mooring has no weak points. We make sure the swivel is always suspended so that the light chain doesn't contact the lake bottom, which extends rode life. We use Polyform mooring buoys which are half the price & last twice as long than the common Taylor mooring buoys. Our custom pendants have chafe guard.

For chain rodes to work properly, the lower "heavy" chain needs to be a larger size than the upper chain for good shock absorption — the weight of the heavy chain sagging off the lake floor means it's never yanked straight — that's when things break & boats get loose.

That said, in storm conditions as chain weight becomes ineffective, most small- & mid-size boats should use a snubber — a good article is Catenary & Scope In Anchor Rode: Anchor Systems For Small Boats.

The right chain & hardware costs a bit more, but means longer life for all parts of your mooring & far less potential for catastrophic failure.

Our prices are typically less than West Marine or other hardware stores. Contact us for more information & a quote.

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