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Mooring Hardware Price List

Prices are current as of July 2018. Please call for availability.

ACCO Marine-grade Long Link Mooring Chain (USA-made)

A low carbon steel, high quality hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) domestic chain that has 30% more zinc than mechanical coating (plating) — most Chinese chain is plated with a much thinner coating. Long link design permits the hook-up of shackles anywhere on the chain, not just on end links. Spec sheet here (PDF).

⅜" long link HDG mooring chain 4050lb working load, 1.4lbs/ft dry weight$6.00/ft
½" long link HDG mooring chain 6900lb working load, 2.5lbs/ft dry weight$9.00/ft
⅝" long link HDG mooring chain 9750lb working load, 3.3lbs/ft dry weight$13.25/ft

Chicago Hardware Shackles & Swivels

Drop forged galvanized USA-made swivels & screw pin shackles. Load limits for shackles & swivels are typically half the limit for the same size chain, so for instance we use ½" swivels & shackles for ⅜" chain. Spec sheets for swivels & shackles (PDF).

⅜" galvanized screw pin shackle 2,000lb working load$13.00
½" galvanized screw pin shackle 4,000lb working load$23.00
⅝" galvanized screw pin shackle 6,500lb working load$34.00
⅜" galvanized eye-and-eye swivel 2,200lb working load$20.00
½" galvanized eye-and-eye swivel 3,600lb working load$29.00

Polyform Mooring Buoys

Hero Divers highly recommends Polyform mooring buoys. These A-series mooring buoys have proven themselves in the most adverse conditions. These buoys are extremely simple, durable & reliable, at half the cost compared to a similar-size traditional mooring ball.

17" Polyform A-3 mooring buoy Extremely durable & great price. 121 lbs buoyancy$65
1/2" Polyform galvanized mooring shackle PVC insert prevents wear. 5,000lb working load$20

Cal-June Mooring Buoys

Cal-June mooring buoys from Jim Buoy are extremely durable with a hard ⅛"-thick outer polyethylene shell & high density polyurethane foam core. PVC tubing lines the center of the buoy where the mooring chain threads through which prevents cracking. The blue band is in compliance with USCG regulations.

15" Cal-June mooring buoy 2" tube diameter, 43 lbs buoyancy$130
18" Cal-June mooring buoy 2½" tube diameter, 87 lbs buoyancy$160
chafe block recommended to extend mooring buoy life$15

We do not sell or recommend mooring buoys with the metal rod through the middle. They are expensive, hard to inspect, & fail easily.

Mooring Pendants

These pendants are solid — stainless steel thimble on one end and a soft eye on the other, with a moveable cordura chafe sleeve & a tag line. Yale Cordage's Polydyne™ line uses double-braid construction, with polyester cover and nylon core to maximize strength and energy absorption. A urethane coating provides wear protection and high visibility while preventing marine growth. Specs here — although recommendations are for the ocean environment & are a bit over the top for most of Lake Champlain.

Yale Cordage Maxi-Moor II ⅝" pendant12' length, 17,000 lbs breaking strength$145
Yale Cordage Maxi-Moor II ¾" pendant20' length, 20,800 lbs breaking strength$190

New England Ropes pendants are traditional double-braid construction, with polyester cover and nylon core. The Marine-Tech coating improves abrasion resistance. These pendants have a heavy-duty galvanized thimble on one end and a soft eye on the other, with a moveable chafe sleeve & a tag line.

New England Ropes ⅝" pendant12' length, 15,500 lbs breaking strength$140

Seachoice Mushroom Anchors

Mushroom anchor designed for permanent moorings. Made of heavy cast iron with a large eye to accept larger-size shackles.

Seachoice 250lb Mushroom Anchor 25-29' boats (manufacturer's recommendation)$320
Seachoice 300lb Mushroom Anchor 30-34' boats (manufacturer's recommendation)$380

Concrete Block Moorings

Concrete block prices depending largely on where you are located ‐ Contact us for a quote.

4x4x1' concrete block, 3/4" or 1" bail2300 lbs dry, 1350 lbs in-water weight$ call
5x5x1' concrete block, 3/4" or 1" bail 3600 lbs dry, 2100 lbs in-water weight$ call
6x6x1' concrete block, 3/4" or 1" bail 5200 lbs dry, 3000 lbs in-water weight$ call

Hazelett Marine Elastic Mooring Systems

The Hazelett Conservation Elastic Mooring System is an advanced alternative to traditional chain moorings that offers superior shock absorption, reliability & longevity. Hazeletts have the added benefit that they are left out year-round regardless of lake ice conditions, requiring no seasonal maintenance. Hazelett Moorings were developed in Colchester, VT & are the standard for elastic mooring systems. We sell Hazelett packages at 10% below retail. Read more about Hazelett Marine Elastic Mooring Systems here.

Please note that the prices below include a 6-foot aluminum spar buoy that works best on Lake Champlain, & not the white PVC buoy which can get crushed by ice. The pendant shown is not included. We have pendants (single rope to the boat) & bridles (two ropes to the boat) available, both with chafe sleeve.

Hazelett Marine single rode w/ aluminum spar buoy5-ton boat max, 1000lb block or helix required$1,665
Hazelett Marine double rode w/ aluminum spar buoy16-ton boat max, 2000lb block or helix required$2,325
Hazelett Marine triple rode w/ aluminum spar buoy25-ton boat max, 3000lb block or helix required$3,575
Hazelett Marine quad rode w/ aluminum spar buoy35-ton boat max, 4000lb block or helix required$4,600

Hero Divers labor rates

Topside labor & dive prep/packup, per person$80/hour
SCUBA diving, per person$150/hour
Towing, weekday/daylight$120/hour
Towing, weekend/after-hours/emergency$240/hour

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